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The Dignified Learning Project

Let's challenge and dismantle harmful systems by encouraging creativity and dialogue, allowing us to reimagine a better future beyond the scope of what we can ever think of today. 

We challenge education systems that have been intentionally designed to marginalize and minoritize students, stifle creativity and innovation, and perpetuate social and economic inequities. We reject mere reform, and instead choose transformative approaches, aiming to dismantle structural and institutional practices that perpetuate continued unequal access and outcomes. Our endeavors consistently revolve around cultivating a critical imagination that fosters dialogue and engagement for a better tomorrow. We prioritize amplifying the voices and experiences of the community and those most impacted, while resolutely rejecting hierarchical endeavors and mere performativity.

At The DLP, we see education as a way to develop endless opportunities and a space to foster dialogue. Not only should education encourage students to experience educational practices that touch upon their lived experiences, but also develop the tools they need to transform their own lives and the world for a better tomorrow. Education systems need to be redesigned and imagined, going beyond mere reform. 


Therefore, we aim to utilize an interdisciplinary approach to equity and liberatory education by respecting, building with, and sustaining community efforts and voices. We never believe that we represent communities better than they can themselves, but rather, it is our role to work collaboratively with people and communities. We do this through our student services and programming, educator collaboration, and community-engaged research practices.


Please explore our website to learn more about our programs, opportunities, and organizational work.

Help our mission.

Since 2016, we have been a completely volunteer run organization. We are hoping you can consider helping us grow with a donation, which will allow us to sustain our programs. This will allow us to work with more folks to transform education for both their individual experiences as well as the greater good. 

Our Community

Our team, community members, and other advocates for social change are part of our community. We could not do the work we are doing without the support of our family. To learn more about our team and community partners, click the buttons below.

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