Additional Services

Nonprofit Startup Consulting

The Dignified Learning Project was founded by members of the organization, and therefore, they are well acquainted with the process necessary in the State of California to begin the nonprofit process. This service is charged by a sliding scale as we recognize people have great ideas that could benefit from nonprofit status, but at the same time there is an issue of finances and economic structures that prevent many people from filing. Therefore, if you are interested in filing, please reach out to us and we can help you with the process. If interested, reach out to Charlene, the executive director, at


Many members of The Dignified Learning Project are researchers and reject the idea of data for-profit. Therefore, data we collect and ideas we create are accessible to community members. Furthermore, we have ongoing supports in place to collect data and analyze it, with regular reports being produced. These will be open access as we believe in transformative education and liberation and this means that it is not for private gain.