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After-School Programming

Our after-school programming focuses on encouraging creativity, critical investigation, and humanizing approaches to education. Interesting in creative writing? Curious about the research process that centers community voice? Are you a lover of music and want to challenge mainstream ideas of music "appreciation"? Then register today!

Our programming for Fall 2023 is possible due to the generosity of the Museum of Us, as they are offering us space with our partnership. We are thrilled to be working with them!

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Youth Research for Social Change

Photo of a protest with a sign that reads, Fight Today for a Better Tomorrow

Are you a high school student interested in impacting education? What about how to conduct research and use it in a community-engaged way? Then this after-school class is for you!

Who: High school students, preferably grades 10-12.

When: Wednesdays, 6 weeks, starting October 11, 3:45-4:45 pm

Where: The Museum of Us

What: Learning how to conduct research that produces outcomes and action. 

Registration Fee: $200, though scholarships are available

Developing research skills can help with current high school courses and college, community work, and a variety of other fields. In addition, this is an awesome opportunity to explore research and its connection to making positive social change in San Diego (and beyond.) This course is unique in that the skills can be discussed in college applications, as well as other applications you may be submitting.

Multicultural Music Appreciation

Have you ever wondered why mainstream music is what it is? Are you interested in different music than what you hear on the radio? Or perhaps you want to explore music from a multicultural, and decolonized perspective? This class is for you!

Who: High school students 

When: Thursdays, 6 weeks, starting October 12, 3:45-4:45pm

Where: The Museum of Us

What: Exploring music from a multicultural and decolonized view.

Registration Fee: $200, though scholarships are available

Often times we just take for granted the music we listen to and hear regularly, so for this course, you will learn about the reasons why we hear what we hear, learn about historical considerations around music, and understand the intersection of race, gender, and music within our society. 

Image by Alphacolor

Worldbuilding for Justice

Image by Robert Lukeman

Are you a lover of words, a creator of fantasy, and find that imagination gives you life? Do you think about ways that the future can be crafted into something better, and see the power of sci-fi and worldbuilding to do so? Then register for this course where you'll get to write your own story, learn foundational creative writing skills, and be exposed to visual arts and drawing for a better world.

Who: Middle and high school students

When: Fridays, 6 weeks, starting October 13, 3:45-4:45pm

Where: The Museum of Us

What: Learning creative writing and visual arts skills to create worlds for a justice-oriented world.

Registration Fee: $200, though scholarships are available

Sometimes we are discouraged to live in "ideals", but not in this class. This class is designed specifically to take our skills, imaginations, and "daydreaming" to reimagine better futures for all by challenging sexism, racism, ableism, classism, environmental degradation, and more through writing and visual arts.

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