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The Journal for Dignified Learning


The Journal for Dignified Learning

The Journal for Dignified Learning is a peer-reviewed, open access, free to submit academic and practitioner based journal that centers on the necessity of the Freirean concept of praxis in its educational transformation efforts. This means that we seek journal articles that will produce a solid philosophical foundation for change, as well as methods, techniques, and actions to implement these changes rooted in equitable and liberatory philosophies. 

At our core, we value humanizing philosophies and practices alike. Therefore, we invite authors to submit their manuscripts that encompasses transformative efforts that frame humanizing educational pedagogies. Essentially, we are asking you, "What is it that you are proposing, have practiced, or want to do, that produces opportunities for dignified learning?" You should essentially critically reflect on institutional injustices in education and write about ways to dismantle these oppressive systems for progress of all humanity. 

We will be announcing our call for papers by November 1st, 2021, with a submission date of January 15, 2022. If you are interested in updates, subscribe to our newsletter for announcements on the journal, access to the articles, as well as any additional and important information related to our organization. Author guidelines for submission will be posted by the time our call for papers is announced.

Who Are We
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