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Community Engagement

Community engagement for us encompasses a variety of important practices, philosophies, and activities. This means that we participate in community engagement through things such as workshops, drives, conversations, videos, and accessible conferences. 

Community Conversations 

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We hold regular Community Conversations that feature different speakers, discussions, and topics, that center humanization. These free dialogical spaces center lived experiences, community, and action for social change.

To stay tuned to upcoming Community Conversations, check out our Event Pages and register for them there!

Praxis in Education Annual Conference

Every year we hold our Praxis in Education Student Conference. The focus is on student work and presentations to make education more equitable and accessible. All are welcome, however, and educators are highly encouraged to hear and listen to students, their suggestions and recommendations, and to support student research interests. These conferences are organized by, with, and for students, all of whom deserve the credit for the wonderful successful we've had so far. This is an opportunity for us to come together, speak about community issues, and advocate for change.

On our first year, Dr. Antonia Darder, was our keynote speaker. After that, Dr. John W. Murphy, was our speaker for the second year. Our third annual conference focused more on the work and was held on Zoom. Therefore, we did not have a keynote, but it was a wonderful session considering the global pandeimc.

Stay tuned for our next announcement of the conference, as Calls for Proposals go out around November or December and the conference is every April. To inquire about our conference or to express early interest on our email list, subscribe to our newsletter!

You can also find our 3rd Annual Conference on our YouTube channel.

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Tips of the Week

Every week on our social media we will have a designated day for a tip of the week. For example, every Wednesday is a tip of the week for all things undergraduate college. During application season, this means that we are focusing on how to apply, little tips and tricks, and highly suggested considerations. Meanwhile, every Tuesday, we will do the same for graduate school. In this case, we will talk about tactics for identifying a committee, research design, mental health, as well as application materials.  

Throughout the weeks and months, we will provide various tips, tricks, and recommendations for a variety of topics, from writing to teaching, support, and reflective practice. We will post some ideas to our social media, including Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and TikTok, as well as a detailed explanation of our tips and tricks on our blog. The best way to stay up to date with this is to follow us on our social media accounts or to subscribe to our blog!

Family Support

Family members and guardians often want the best for their children, but sometimes it's hard to navigate how to best support them. Especially with changing expectations, the grind culture, and a even adjusting to college life after pandemic closures, sometimes we feel disconnected. 

Our family support is an effort through our community engagement pillar that will provide its own set of tips and insight in how to support college students, as well as workshops where open dialogue around concerns, fears, anxiety, hopes, and dreams for our students' college futures can blossom and develop, building pathways for success and support. Stay tuned on our social media as well as our blog post to keep updated on our insight as well as upcoming seminars. 

A group of racially diverse students wearing blue robes and throwing graduation caps in the air.
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