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Teacher Collaboration

Teacher collaboration is rooted in the belief that teachers are undervalued and under supported in our society. The efforts in teacher collaboration cover a variety of offerings, from book clubs, course work, professional development, and trainings in community informed action research.


Our goal is to ensure that all efforts we engage in with teachers is in a collaborative manner informed by research, personal experiences, and done in a way that is reflective of power, society, and the sociopolitical landscape.

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Power Dynamics and Social Change in the Classroom

This course runs every 4 weeks starting the first Thursday evening of every month. In this course, you'll be exposed to concepts, such as power, oppression, racism, homophobia, transphobia, ableism, and be shown ways to have these discussions with students regardless of age. It will require deep conversations and engagement about our own positions in the world and why this recognition matters when we have these conversations in the classroom. Based on personal experiences and research, these courses will also offer examples of curriculum, lesson plans, and activities that can be used for students in K-20+ coursework to discuss power, structure, and systems of oppression versus individual prejudice. In addition, all lessons will adhere to California State Standards due to the sociopolitical necessity of standards and ways to meet them with critical lessons.

This will be asynchronous coursework with a weekly discussion around the course materials. Asynchronous materials will include discussions, videos, and readings. Option synchronous meetings for further dialogue are also offered and available.

Please click here to register for this course to begin the first Thursday of the next month. There is a suggested $25 donation, but this is not required. 


The Teacher Collaborative

This is dedicated for educators regardless of grade(s) taught to discuss and vent frustrations related to the field of education with the very specific purpose of being supportive and offering genuine advice that can help guide educators to find the solutions they need to overcome the biggest struggles they have with the job. This space works as a mixture of academic and professional discourse/support group to help encourage the brave educators to stay in the field where they are needed to continue making positive changes.

For example, with the increasing public discourse that is against Critical Race Theory, there comes much resistance from students, families, and community alike, to even discuss race and its relation with U.S. and global history. In this space, it is welcomed to present some of the issues at hand and discuss strategies for sustaining these conversations in the classroom to encourage critical thinking and recognition of oppressive structures and systems throughout history. Teaching has a direct relationship with power, and if an educator is facing backlash from challenging power or authority, they can receive support and recommendations while also being able to vent frustrations that impede their abilities to teach their students.

To join this free space, sign up for our website and join The Conference, our online dialogical space.


The Book Club

The Book Club is designed for either during or after the coursework on power dynamics, or for folks who have already done reflections and unpacking of these concepts prior to their introduction to The Dignified Learning Project. This will cover deep discussions on the role of power and authenticity in the classroom, organizational leadership, administration, and our everyday lives. 

These are intended to be bi-weekly dialogue sessions with opportunity to post ideas and discussion starters on our forum in The Conference. 

To inquire about The Book Club, please submit here.


The Dialogical Educator, Professional Development Conference

Stay tuned for the announcement of our Dialogical Educator Conference. 

The theme will be Sustaining Dialogue in All Spheres of Education. This will be focused on teaching in the classroom by educators for educators. The intention is "how to maintain dialogue amidst anti-science, anti-fact, and pro-dehumanization efforts in an ever changing world."

We will announce a call for sessions by educators who would like to share their experiences, techniques, and methods, with other educators. 

To express early interest, please head to our registration and interest form.