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What We Do

Everything we do is done with a goal of transformative education for the purpose of liberation. Recognizing that we have systems in place we need to navigate, we aim to transform those systems for a more equitable and just world. 

Below you will find everything we offer, nestled under our three branches: student services teacher collaboration, and community engagement.

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Student Services

This is our most expansive branch of services offered, not limited to any particular age group of students. Our emphasis is on student engagement, critical thinking, support, academic progress, and well-being all from a humanizing approach.


This encompasses a few critical pieces of supports, primarily discussions on college preparation, academic coaching, critical seminars to discuss inequities in school, activities that encourage student voice, and a variety of other programs.

Teacher Collaboration

The intention of teacher collaboration is to reach educators across all grades and levels of education to critically engage in social philosophy, change, and dialogue. Education can sometimes be isolating, and our intention through this programming is to create fewer silos in education through K-20 and bridge the gap in communication and ideas amongst educators for the purpose of social change.

Image by Ron Smith

Community Engagement

Community engagement encompases a wide range of interactions, however, our intention is to always center community voice and highlight educational change as it relates to communities. Furthermore, we want to ensure that we are always reflecting and that means we work with communities, never adopting an idea that we are helping, as we recognize structure has contributed to oppression of communities rather than it being a shortfall of said communities.

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